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Caring representation for you and your family every step of the way.

Onukwgha and Associates is committed to our clients, listening to your unique situations and guiding you through the legal process in the following areas:

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Family Law

We represent clients in divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, modifications, paternity actions, and pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

Child Custody

We negotiate parenting and visitation agreements in the best interest of your children, and when an agreement cannot be reached, we advocate for you in court to achieve your goals.


Dissolution of a marriage occurs when a marriage is legally terminated and the court divides assets and debts, provides for minor children and deals with any maintenance issues. Dissolution actions can be uncontested or contested. We can represent you and protect your interest.

Collaborative Law

This is a way for divorcing couples or any couple with family-related issues to work as a team with trained professionals to resolve disputes respectfully, without going to court.

Facing Divorce and Family Separation,


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