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Chidi Onukwugha is the Managing Partner of Onukwugha & Associates, LLC. Chidi has significant transactional experience in a broad range of corporate, private, civil and criminal matters.  He helps clients solve their most complex and challenging legal problems.

Chidi primarily focuses his practice on complex commercial litigation, bankruptcy, family law, immigration, criminal and personal injury claims.  Mr. Onukwugha currently serves as outside litigation counsel to several area corporations.  He is a Maryland certified mediator and had represented several local Subways and other corporations in arbitration proceedings.

Client engagement is central to successful defense litigation and Mr. Onukwugha is committed to maintaining a high level of communication.  He takes the time to truly involve the client and incorporate their goals, concerns, values and feedback.  Chidi manages the relationship transparently so that his clients can see how their interests are being served at every stage of the litigation process.  He collaborates with clients so they can provide valuable inputs in the process of making complex materials appear simple.

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